Improvement every six months for PHC

The recently relaunched Penang Hill will continue to be improved at least once every six months, either through its service or through its attraction, said Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) general manager Lee Kah Choon.

“We want repeat visitors here, and we want these repeat visitors to see something new every time they come here,” he said while speaking to citizen journalist Jimmy Leow recently.

He however was form in reassuring that the refurbished train service is safe for the passengers.

“There are plenty of safety measurements that are continuously being installed into the system. If say there is a power outage, there will be generators to help the train running, and if even generators fail to function, the hydraulics will come in,” he explained.

“It is not about the safety of the visitors per se. But it’s more about how we do maintenance and manage to run the service without any glitches due to unforeseen circumstances.”

He also stated that the task of developing Penang Hill is presented with its own challenges, mainly owing to the hill’s history.

“If you look at history, this is a living project, because Penang Hill has been around for around 100 years now,” he added.

“We need to take a look at everything and decide on what we need and what we want. Based on this, we will realize our dream say within the next six months.”