Damaged road in PJS 10 repaired after 5 years

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has finally repaired the damaged Jalan PJS 10/24, a week after residents raised the issue and questioned the authorities’ working attitude in a townhall meeting last week.

The stretch of damaged road left unattended since 2006 was riddled with potholes forcing motorists slow down to a crawl.

According to a local hardware store owner, Woo Tuck Foo, a corner shop-lot which was previously rented to a carwash operator has been the cause of the road damage.

“We have lodged complains many times before, but authorities only started to look into it after the 2008 General Election,” he said.

The resurfacing works started at 9am yesterday and took 3 hours to complete.

MBPJ councillor Halimey Abu Bakar, when contacted said he had instructed the local council to repair the road through the Quick Response Team (QRT) after the townhall meeting.

Halimey was also upset with MBPJ’s slow reaction fueled by its dispute with local developer Farlim Group Berhad over road jurisdiction.

“I asked them to repair it first, and talk about who will be footing the cost later,” he said.

He also advised residents to report damaged roads by contacting QRT at 03 7954 2020.

According to residents, Jalan Manggis T-junction is also in need of immediate attention.

Woo (right) added that drainage along Jalan PJS 10/24 has been clogged up.

Woo  also said that the police needs to setup a beat base in PJS 10 immediately, as crime is becoming a daily occurrence.

“I have many customers who came to buy new padlock because their house got broken into,” he said.