Ministry not responsible for students involved in rallies abroad

The Ministry of Higher Education will not be responsible nor guarantee Malaysian students should they be detained for holding rallies abroad.

Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin was however confident that it would not happen as it was not easy for students in foreign countries to get such permission.

“They can’t simply hold rallies as students are subjected to laws in the respective countries,” he said when asked about posting in some blogs and portals that Malaysian students abroad will hold simultaneous rallies on July 9.

Khaled said it was improper for students to hold or join illegal rallies as it would not yield results.

Moreover, the students would be used for the benefit of certain parties.

“Students involved in illegal rallies will have to face the law. For example, they will be arrested if they were to assemble in Singapore or Egypt,” he said.

Asked whether students involved in rallies would be recalled or have their sponsorship withdrawn, Khaled it was up to the sponsors to take action.

“We will not intervene because sponsorship does not come under the ministry,” he added.

– Bernama