Kulai Fire Chief says: Check your gas tank now

Did you know that your household cooking gas tank and its hoses can leak, and spark a huge fire?

Kulaijaya Fire and Rescue chief, Masnon Idris says that there are incidences of cooking gas tanks exploding!

He reminds the public not to stack household furniture densely together which can hinders escape in the event of an emergency.

“Observing good housekeeping rules is an important safety measure to take in minimising fire risk”, Masnon added, referring to the good habit of reducing clutter.

“Kulai district has recorded more than 500 cases of fire incidences in year 2009”, he said, “the figures have been increasing over the years resulting in unnecessary, heavy losses”.

Elaborating the point, he said that for the first quarter of this year, 75 cases of fire were recorded, and 40 cases of rescue work involving losses, amounting to some RM254,000.