, to help Malaysians make sound financial decisions, is a newly launched comparison site to been help more Malaysian customers to make wise decisions with regard to high-demand financial products. Through a sophisticated platform and a most comprehensive database of up-to-date information, anyone can easily compare and find the best rates on available loans, insurance, credit cards, and even mobile and internet plans in an instant.

The website is designed to become the one-stop resource for anyone shopping the market for financial products, from housing loans to mobile data plans. A user simply needs to log in on and create a user profile to start comparing loan interest rates, insurance packages anytime, anywhere. Users will be able to receive a customised market overview based on the user profile. At absolutely zero charge, users can enjoy CompareHero for accurate and updated information on important financial products in Malaysia. It has a comprehensive knowledge base of useful financial tips, in-depth guides, and expert advice to help users. Malaysians may also benefit from the financial tools provided at the website including loan interest and insurance premium calculators and for users who have made their decisions CompareHero provides direct links for sending their applications to their chosen providers.

Currently in its fourth month after launch, it has seen its user base grow by no less than 20% per week. The site is also shooting up the search engine ranks for relevant search terms, showing just how much users are in need of a reliable and comprehensive resource to guide them in making decisions on crucial financial matters. As CompareHero managing director Gerald Eder puts it, the market is quite “under-served” in this particular area.

“The mere size and complexity of the market created a need for an easy-to-use comparison website to help consumers find the best available offer. It can be very difficult for consumers to find the right financial product among many providers, different products, in-transparent information and websites,” he said in an official release. According to Eder, CompareHero is funded by foreign and local investors, as well as members of the founding team.

The team behind is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In it’s commitment to provide users with every important detail on any financial product, a lot of effort is being directed toward research, getting in touch with partners, finding all available information on financial products, and then translating these – including what’s written in the fine print – into simple and easily understandable language.

“Researching, summarising, and simplifying the main key differentiators while keeping attention to detail and learning the nuts-and-bolts of every product category is an ongoing challenge. CompareHero has a dedicated data-loving team with a mission of keeping the dataset accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive,” Eder adds.

As the user base grows bigger, so is the CompareHero team, which is now expanding in areas lilke web development, online marketing, business development, and financial research. The team has plans to expand its database further to cover more products in the coming months.

By directly visiting, Malaysians are given more empowering choices whenever they need to apply for credit cards, loans, insurance, and other financial products, without missing out on the best possible deal.

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