Bujang Valley destruction : NGO leader calls for unity to preserve the historical site


The president of Malaysian Indian Education Transformation Association (MIETA) Elangovan Annamalai called all Malaysian Indians, irregardless of political background, to preserve Bujang valley historical site in Kedah.

The Kedah born Elangovan strongly condemns the destruction, which took  place at Batu 11, Bujang Valley recently.

He further criticized the government for trying to expunge the presence of Hinduism, which arrived here long before Islam in this country.

He also pointed out the action of the government in concealing the truth behind  discovery of Gelanggi Fort by a Malay professor in 2005, which is believed to show the presence of Indians and Hinduism was here much earlier.

Elangovan also accused the government distorting historical facts on true identify of Parameswara, the founder of Malacca by educating new generation that he is a Malay. This was done solely for purpose of showing the new generation of Malays that this country was occupied by them while disgracing the non Malays.

Elangovan called upon all NGOs and all political parties to join forces, to eliminate social problems of Malaysian Indian  and to preserve historical facts and monuments from further destruction and distortion.