Don’t abuse authority, Rela members reminded

Rela (Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia) members have been reminded not to abuse their vested authority and that they should always refer to their respective senior officers whenever in doubt, before taking action.

Kulaijaya Rela Honorary Colonel, Cheong Ching Liang, who is also the state assemblyman for Bukit Batu said, Rela members need to uphold the good name of their respective platoons besides helping to preserve security and harmony in their local community.

“Rela members are a part of the frontline forces to preserve the peace without expecting any rewards in return and more so now, when Rela members are also expected to help out in cases of national disaster,” added Cheong who was speaking at a Rela membership card presentation ceremony and a march-past test by Platoon 188, 289 and 656 in Kampung Rahmat community hall here, yesterday.

He later presented a RM3,000 allocation to platoon 288 to purchase electrical equipment for their operations control centre.

“I hope that this allocation will help members in giving back effectively to the community at large”, said Cheong.

Meanwhile, the programme chairman, Mohd Ali Hashim, said he hoped that Rela members will work together and co-operate closely among themselves and with the local community to ensure that the objective of preserving the peace can be achieved.

He added that Rela in Kampung Rahmat has long been established which goes way back to 1987 and hoped that the level of commitment and close co-operation shown by the members can be maintained and even improved to better facilitate the smooth running of all its activities.

What Rela does:

  • Implements operations to apprehend PATI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin, or undocumented immigrants)
  • Preserve local security and peace (patrol duty in crime prevention)
  • Undertake ‘psychological warfare’ activities
  • Act as  ‘eyes and ears’ of the government of the day
  • Aid local socio-economic activities
  • Assist other enforcement agencies such as PDRM, JIM, KPDN and HEP, JPJ and PBT

Handling undocumented immigrants (PATI): Rela’s chequered history

Beginning 1 February 2005, RELA was empowered under the Essential Rules (Ikatan Relawan Rakyat) (Amendment) 2005 to inspect and apprehend PATI. Since 1 March 2005 unti 31 December  2009, Rela has arrested  111,852 PATI throughout Malaysia. Selangor recorded the highest number by arresting 43,052 PATI, followesd by Perak by the sum of 24,361 and Kuala Lumpur for 24,361 PATI.. Every district is required to organise operations four times a month, with a target of larger arrests.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  1. Each of Rela’s operations is conducted always based on the standard operations procedure (SOP) and Rela director-general’s standing instruction.
  2. Handling of operations is based on the power given to Rela such as those written under the Essential Rules (Ikatan Relawan Rakyat) (Amendment) 2005.
  3. Members of the public who have doubts of Rela’s operational procedure can refer to any nearby Rela office or Rela Headquarters Operations Room.

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