West Coast is not so far with LATAR

The brand new Kuala Selangor- Kuala Lumpur Expressway (LATAR) may very well solve different route dilemmas to those traveling to and from West Coast towns in northern Selangor and southern Perak as it effectively reduces the traveling distance from the developing coastal Selangor township to the country’s capital.

The introduction of this 33 km carriageway, which was launched only two days ago, might prove to be boon for those living in Southern Perak towns such as Teluk Intan, Sitiawan, and Manjung, who previously had to travel down a windy old road to Bidor before they can access the North-Sourth PLUS Expressway.

Alternatively, those who lived in Selangor’s coastal towns such as Sabak Bernam and Kuala Selangor too had to use to a windy high hills road through townships such as Ijok and Kuang before they could reach Sungai Buloh and have access to major highways.

While the old single-lane narrow road to Sungai Buloh can cost an hour’s worth of traveling time (even more during congested peak hours), the new highway, which starts from Ijok, will cost a driver 15 minutes of driving time and RM4 in toll charges before he or she could access the PLUS Expressway.

LATAR will connect to PLUS some eight kilometers away from the Sungai Buloh Rest Area, which means it will cost motorists RM 2.90 in toll charges when they reach the Duta toll, RM1 more than the old RM 1.90 charge for motorists who take the Sungai Buloh/Kuala Selangor exit right after the rest area, which leads to the old road.

LATAR has three tolls, with two of them being the Ijok and Kuang tolls (which are the only two a motorist needs to pass before accessing the PLUS Expressway). Each toll costs RM2.

LATAR ends at the Templer Park in Kuala Lumpur and will also provide easy access to Kuala Selangor’s developing township Puncak Alam.
The LATAR expressway is currently free for all motorists till August 31. Once the trial period ends, toll charges will be implemented.