PJS10 folks seek immediate action

Tension was in the air when a PJS 10 resident questioned MBPJ’s seemingly careless and lazy attitude in handling complaints lodged by residents during a dialogue session at Taman Dato Hormat multipurpose hall yesterday.

Dr T Bala Subramaniam asked the authorities, who were there to attend residents’ queries, to give a specific dateline to when the problems could be resolved.

“It is useless for us to complain and complain again when the issue does not seem to be taken into account,” he said.

The dialogue was attended by Sri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, MBPJ councillor Halimey Abu Bakar, licensing department official Roslan Mohd Diah and officials from Alam Flora.

Halimey (right) assured that the authorities will gear up to resolve residents’ concerns before Hari Raya.

Four major concerns raised by residents in the dialogue were indiscriminate throwing of garbage, the dilapidated PJS 10 park, illegal vendors and potholes.

PJS 10 residents association (RA) chairman V. Pulevendran said several spots along Jalan PJS 10/24a has been filled with garbage thrown by irresponsible folks.

“Besides, the operator of Aisha Café has not been disposing its wastes properly, which causes the back lane of Jalan PJS 10/24 to be a rat breeding spot,” he said.

He also (right) bemoaned the condition of PJS 10 park, to which a fallen lamp pole received no attention from the authorities.

Several residents also questioned the authorities’ stand on roadside vendors, whom either concealed the monsoon drain to turn it to business premise or left the structures along the road after business hours.

Suriamas Condominium Joint Management Body chairman LF Lee asked about a wooden restaurant beside Suriamas which appears to be legally contentious.

PSJ 10 RA vice president Mansor Ibrahim, meanwhile, said he lodged a complaint on the dilapidated condition of Jalan PJS 10/24 four months ago, but was told by MBPJ internet database recently that the road has been resurfaced although it has not.

Halimey, when responded to the garbage issues, urged residents to drop the litter bug attitude and work hand in hand to keep the community clean.

“Our Malaysian mentality is that whenever there is a sign board saying please do not litter, we will throw the rubbish there,” he said.

He added that the authorities has compounded the filthy Aisha Food Café a few times and even ordered them to shut down.

Roslan said the premise license of Aisha Café will not be suspended, instead will be bound to the examination of the new licensing guidelines which will be endorsed by end of the month.

“Aisha Food Café will have to comply with the new guideline in order to get a license,” he said.

Nik Nazmi, on another note, said he noticed the poor condition of the PJS 10 park (right) after jogging there last week.

“Hence, I have ordered MBPJ to improve the jogging track, clean up the lake and to overall upgrade the park’s condition,” he said.

On the issue of illegal vendors, Roslan said compounds will be issued to the operators.

Meanwhile, Halimey took note of the complaint number of the broken road.

“It involves some disputes with the developer Farlim Group Berhad and also the underground condition of the road, but we will look into resurfacing it,” he said.