Lions bring Christmas cheer to children of kidney patients

by Teresa Yeo and MK Ong

A cross section of the audience
A cross section of the audience

A total of RM 22,500 were distributed in aid of 33 children from 19 families by the JB Lions Renal Care Foundation Council members on the 28th December 2013.

The council distributed RM 500 to 13 primary school children and RM 800 to 20 secondary school children at the Johor Baru Lions Club dialysis centre in Jalan Perisai, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru

The school fees of children studying in the independent schools was also borne by this foundation.


The chairman of the    said that
The chairman Lion Nam Fun Lai said that the assistance was to ameliorate the burden of the patients and advised the students to study hard.
Lion Chey Fock Yong is the Children Education Council Member

Cash assistance such as this is given out twice a year, with the first round of handouts were distributed earlier on March this year.

All children who are the offsprings of the dialysis patients whose monthly income is less than RM 3,000 were eligible to receive  financial assistance. It was distributed to children of patients who avail of the services from the Lions Club dialysis centre here or from Taman Baidur.

Once a child is entitled to such assistance, he continues to receive such assistance until he completes his secondary education.

Also children who are in higher institutions received bursaries from the foundation council.

Members of the committee posing for the camera
Members of the committee posing for the camera
MadAM Rosn ah who has been suffering vfrom kidney disease is happy with the assistance
Madam Rosnah who has been suffering  from kidney disease, is happy with the assistance from the Lions Club

CJMY interviewed 36 year old housewife, Madam Rosnah who said she is grateful that her four children were given the financial  assistance.

Madam Rosnah who has been having kidney problem for three years brought her four children to receive the aid. She has a son and three daughters; two of them  are in primary school and two in secondary.

Housewife Noermawati and her daughter Nua Ummairah, a student of SMK Dato Abvdul RAHMAN yASSIN
Housewife Normawati and her daughter Nua Ummairah, a student of SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Yassin

Another patient the CJMY reporter spoke to was Normawati binti Yahya a housewife who has been seeking treatment from the centre for the past two years.

She was pleased her daughter Nua Ummairah binti Tarmidzi, 15 was entitled to such assistance from the Lions Club.

wee xiang ji is not letting
Wee Xiang Ji is not letting his family circumstances prevent him from achieving his dream to pursue finance as a career

17 year old Wee Xiang another beneficiary of the financial aid is determined not to let his family circumstance stop him from pursuing his dreams.

“I hope to study business related subjects such as finance when I grow up,” said Wee Xiang Ji.

Xiang Ji’s father whose kidney failed ten years ago, received public donation to go to China hoping to get a kidney transplant but returned to Malaysia without his wish fulfilled.

He has lost an eye and Xiang Ji and his sister have to stay with relatives.

His mother is a hawker and his father helps his mother.

Lam Ah Chiang originally of Sarikei, Sarawak, with her husband Nicholas Wung and sons Darius and Bryan

Lion Chey Fock Yong, the Children Education Council member who spoke at the function said the amount was to help pay for the expenses of the children’s uniforms, books and stationery.

In the dialogue that ensued, it was felt that the council may have to consider helping in more ways such as to alleviate the pressure felt by increasing cost of bus fares for school children as prices of essentials keeps rising.

Samuel and his family
Samuel and his family
A typical scene
A typical scene at the Jalan Perisai  Centre

In recent months, the Ministry of Health has published what it called “worrying statistics” and indicated that Malaysia has the highest incidence of end-stage renal failure due to diabetes.

Malaysia has been identified as probably having the highest percentage of patients in the world with diabetes as the cause of end-stage kidney failure.

The ministry has urged the public to take care of their kidneys as the number of patients suffering from kidney disease is on the rise.

Datuk Dr Azmi Shapie, the former director of the Health Ministry’s medical development division, said: “Kidney problems can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.”

“In 2011, 56 per cent of new dialysis patients nationwide suffered from diabetes, while six per cent suffered from high blood pressure,”



Everyone was treated to a delicious lunch
Everyone was treated to a delicious lunch

Members of the public who would like to receive more information on the student financial aid may contact Lion Chey at 0127160081.