Looking into the lives of migrant workers in Malaysia

Migrant workers in Malaysia have their story to share with the rest of the world regarding the hardships, endurance and also journey they undergo in a foreign place. In collaboration with MalaysiaKini’s Citizen Malaysia Journalist, together with the migrant activists here in Malaysia came forward with 12 advocacy videos of how these migrant workers have lead their lives in Malaysia through their struggles in’s latest project, Crossroads. is a website that uses video technology, the Internet and free & open source software to arouse social and environmental change around the world. Crossroads is a video advocacy initiative aimed in developing and strengthening the advocacy and documentation capacity of migrant workers and refugees together with their support organisation.

The videos that are produced in Crossroads have been translated and subtitled into English and is organised into five chapters according to the theme of migration that they touch upon. Crossroads also includes of a Story Guide designed to give a proper context to the videos for any use of educational and advocacy purposes. These videos also come in a DVD pack for screening high-quality versions of all 12 videos with English subtitles and a limited edition colour booklet.

From the 12 videos that are available in the Crossroads project, there are many themes that depict human rights, education, health rights and of others. One of the many examples of a videos produced was under the theme education and human rights. This video was about a man, Bapak Petrus who started a school for the children of migrant workers in Kg. Ulu Kimanis in Sabah. He established the school under the Indonesian syllabus. He believes that children deserve an education and he started off the School of Hope for the children. The school received most of its donations from the Chinese community and is running well even until today.

Another example of the video produced is regarding the theme human labour rights from the story of a young girl, Siti Maryam. She moved into Malaysia in the year 2008 and holds two jobs from 7AM till midnight. She was cheated by her agent of RM 3,800. After she realized she was cheated of her money, she eventually lodged a report on the 25th February 2013 and still no action has been taken into her account. She hopes that the authorities will take into consideration all of the cheating that has been going about the migrants in Malaysia and put an end into these cheating of agents.


A theme on health human rights video was produced about a Nepali migrant, Deepak Raj Bushal who works at a plastic company. He injured his hand while cleaning a fan and lost half of each of his four fingers. No action was taken into consideration on his injury by his company. Even after a year, he was still not granted insurance on his incident. In due course, the migrant workers union helper stepped into the plate and sought to this matter.

There are many stories similar to these that are pouring all over the country, and it is up to projects like Crossroads to highlight to its utmost capability to the world these migrants lives here in Malaysia. Over time, all over people will be able to see the awareness of migrant activists in the country.

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