Honour the Sancity of Thaipusam : Youth NGO


Mr Jeevithan P Ganasan The Chairman (Northern Region) of Malaysian Young Leaders Association has called upon all Malaysian Hindu devotees and observers attending Thaipusam to refrain from any acts that would in a way disrespect the sanctity of Thaipusam.

The group also condemn the act of arrogance by Batu Caves management for ignoring guidelines issued by Malaysian Hindu Sangam.

Devotees are advised to refrain from any form of alcohol, avoid revealing clothing, not to carry any weapons or promote violence, refrain from disturbing or teasing other devotees and observers, avoid whistle blowing and also avoid fancy kavadi.

Hindus in Malaysia will celebrate Thaipusam on 17 January 2014, therefore it hopes that all devotees will celebrate the festival this year with an open and contrite heart.