Partial local council poll commendable, says MPSJ councillor

MPSJ councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran welcomed Selangor Government’s decision to introduce the pilot project for local council election in MBPJ by end of the year.

He (left )commended the election, which on initial stage suggests only 30 percent of the 24 councillors posts to be opened for contest, is a progress in returning “third vote” to Malaysians.

“It is fine to do a partial election for test run. But ultimately we want to see a full council election be introduced in all 12 local councils,” he told Komunitikini after launching USJ Family Day at MPSJ stadium recently.

It was reported that Selangor Government through State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) had engaged several NGOs to come out with recommendations for implementing the local election.

One of the NGO, Coalition for Good Governance, has suggested among others for longer period of campaigning and encouraged individual with no political background to take part.

However, certain quarters are cautious that 70 percent of councillors posts are still kept for political parties.

Rajiv said PJ residents can make their voice heard through participating in the election.

When asked to comment about the term for these elected councillors, he reckoned that it might not be long due to looming general election.

“But we cannot stop everything just because there is a possibility of election,” he said.

Family day a hit among locals

Meanwhile more than 5000 Subang folks flocked into MPSJ stadium to celebrate the annual family day on Saturday night.

They were welcomed by a huge hot air balloon which was smiling and tempting to the visitors.

Jessica Pwu brought her daughter to come for a ride of the hot air balloon, and the queuing crowd suggests there were just many alike.

“This kind event is good to happen every year,” she said.

Event crew Joan said she voluntarily joined to contribute to the event as it is a platform for the community to come together.

Rajiv noted that the event was a pure effort of more than 100 resident volunteers, who started planning the event since January.

“The performers and hosts are local residents as well. This is truly an event by the community to the community,” he said.

(left) small boy gazing at the hot air balloon; (right) Rajiv with Selangor state senior exco Teresa Kok