Introducing, Gen Q, the progressive Muslim youth

Young Muslim Intellectual Program (there's a typo in the dates...)


Intellectuals are grown, not made; the mind without a soul is arid.  And so in a developing country such as Malaysia, there is a collective responsibility to nurture the younger generation to its fullest potential so that we can renew ourselves.


Youngest participant
Good Muslim youth in the making


Towards this end, Persatuan Staff Islam USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia), Solace, Badan Kebajikan Islam Hospital Pulau Pinang and Persatuan Muslim Kadayanallur organised the “Young Muslim Intellectual” programme, held in USM on June 11 and 12, for Muslim youths between 15 to 21 years old. The aim was to stimulate thinking among participants on what a good Muslim is, and how one interacts in a progressive society. Participants were asked to think about why Generation Q, or Generation al-Quran, is vital to a good ummah.

Group work

The participants worked groups and discussed religious and social issues that have become common in Malaysian society. Each group was assigned an issue and presented it on the second day, with guidance from volunteer professionals of different backgrounds.

The participants were also taught communication skills, how to think according to the Islamic teaching and also how to handle stress. They were also exposed to daa’wah training and taught a little bit of comparative religion.

With its slogan “Youth Says Islam First” the organisers hope the program can serve as a platform for youth with integrity and knowledgeable not only in Islamic teaching, but who also make excellent professionals.

A token of appreciation for the invited speaker

The next chapter of this programme has been planned and is free. Generous donors are welcome to contribute. For more information, call Master Shahul Hamid at 016 430 6737 , Haji Dr Shaik Abdullah at 012 480 9412 or Tuan Haji Khair at 012 485 7949.

Imran Hilmy

is born and raised in Penang Island and throughout of his younger days has a knack of lyrics and poem writings.Loves to read on history, politics and religions. He believes that he has a role in making this world a better place through his capacity as a Citizen Journalist in CJ.MY.