Seven Wells Waterfall in sorry state

The Seven Wells Waterfalls, also known as Telaga Tujuh which is a tourist attraction in Langkawi, is in a sorry state with rubbish scattered all over the ground.

It is believed that the wild monkeys in the area are responsible for digging the garbage bins and scattering its contents in the search for food.

Even basic facilities like the public toilets are not kept well, sighting holes in the roof.

Another eye sore was a completely broken down rest stop hut along the stairways and an abandoned, burnt down food stall to pollute the scenery.

A local tourist said that it was sad to see the surrounding area of the waterfalls in such a sorry state.  Especially since it is a much promoted tourist spot on the island, attracting local and foreign tourist.

It is quite a climb up to the top and it is so disheartening to see the beauty of the fauna and flora in the area polluted in such a manner.