Bidding for “KDA” car registration plates starts

The registration for the much awaited car registration plats bearing ‘KDA‘ alphabets has begun today and will end on 26th of June 2011.

Kedah JPJ Director, Ahmad Musadad Sulaiman said the tenders will be open starting today.

He said the KDA registration numbers are up for grabs since it is the acronym for ‘Kedah Darul Aman‘ and is very symbolic for the people of this state.

He expects the bids to go as high as RM100,000 as there is a great demand.  In the past the registration plats bearing “KCQ” alphabets recorded the highest price reaching as high as RM85,000.  This followed with plats bearing “KCT” with bid going up to RM60,000.

He said that the bid will start at a minimum of RM10,000 for registration plats with the first ten numbers (1-10) which is dubbed as  the golden numbers, and followed by RM2,000 for the category of ‘attractive numbers’ and RM300 for current and popular numbers.

Those interested to apply will need to fill a form, provide personal identification documents, a formal letter of application and a deposit of 50% of the order price.

Payments are to be made in the form of  a bank draft, postal order or mail order in the name of “Ketua Pengarah, Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia”.

Business owners will also have to include a photocopy of their business registration for Peninsular Malaysia and a business license for East Malaysia.

H said residents from other states can also apply and may do so via the JPJ website,