Canned fruits from Thailand tainted with HIV blood: Hoax

Canned fruit hoax
The text message which has been making rounds warning everyone to stay away from imported canned fruits from Thailand
Excerpt from the SMS:
Urgent notification: 
Do not consume canned fruits manufactured from Thailand until further notice!
According to the information confirmed by the government this morning, over 200 HIV carriers were instructed by their leader to contaminate the products of the canned food factory with their blood. The objective behind this ‘instruction’ is still unsure.
A rumoured text message has been going around viral among Malaysians in regards to the contaminated canned food from Thailand.
It is said that the canned food is tainted with HIV blood during the production in the factory. The text message which was directed to Malaysians in general, is a warning that the canned fruits manufactured in Thailand are not safe to be consumed.
According to an update from Borneo Post Online, Sarawak Health Department representative Datuk Dr. Zulkilfi Jantan, has confirmed that he had not received any information regarding this issue from the Ministry of Health. The state health department has also advised consumers to refrain from panicking about the rumour until an official announcement is made.
Borneo Post also said that the neighbouring countries such as Brunei and Singapore are also looking into the allegations seriously and has advised consumers to stay calm and wait until further notice is given from the Ministry of Health.


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