1Malaysia programme to be carried out in urban areas

The Information Communication and Culture Ministry will widen the 1Malaysia Community programme especially to the urban areas where the majority of the population comprises the Chinese community in an effort to strengthen their understanding of the 1Malaysia concept.

Its minister, Rais Yatim said the new approach is important to ensure the success of the 1Malaysia concept.

“Currently, we have 1,115 1Malaysia Communities throughout the country including 120 in Sabah, and we will widen the programme to certain areas. We should not only focus on the villages or new villages but should also expand to the towns,” he told reporters.

According to the plan, the ministry hopes to set up 153 new 1Malaysia Communities nationwide, including eight in Sabah involving 73 Chinese and 35 Indian areas.

In this respect, Rais asked the departments and agencies under the ministry, particularly the Information Department and the Special Affairs Department (JASA) to work as a team to raise understanding and public acceptance for the 1Malaysia concept.

“In this regard, each member of the staff of the Information Department and JASA should understand and accept the concept contained in the 1Malaysia concept,” he said.

“We will also create villages or clusters based on communication such as the wireless villages and get the post offices involved,” he said.

Asked whether the Ministry of Information Communication and Culture was satisfied with the public acceptance for the 1Malaysia concept so far, Rais said although 76 per cent of the 15,000 respondents interviewed on the 1Malaysia Concept knew about it, the ministry was still not satisfied and would intensify information programmes through the 1Malaysia Community.

– Bernama