The ‘outstanding’ waiter boy

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Being a waiter is not an easy task as it looks like. The job requires one to be able to take orders correctly, serve them accordingly, serve it on time and ensure the quality of the meal and service is maintained at all times.

If there is anything more than these qualities, it definitely comes from the heart, a sincere and kind one. Just like the waiter spotted at a restaurant by a man named Ghadaffi Othman.

Ghadaffi added 2 new photos recently on his Facebook, sharing a ‘magical moment’ he experienced while having lunch with his wife at Nasi Ayam Penyet Ria, Plaza Angsana JB.

Half way through their lunch, an old Chinese man was seated not so far away from them. He was alone and looked to be ‘special’ or OKU as commonly known in Malaysia, which stands for ‘Orang Kurang Upaya’.

The waiter took the order from the old man himself and returned back to his table with the dish after a while. Then, it followed by a rare act of kindness showed by the waiter which amazed everyone at the restaurant.

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The waiter stood there by the side of his customer, lifted the plate on one hand, and spoon fed the old man until it was finished.

Ghadaffi, who was observing the situation from the start, also noticed that the waiter refused to receive the payment for the meal from the old man.

Ghadaffi took photos of the waiter in action and posted it on his Facebook to share his experience and spread kindness. However, he missed out on the waiter boy’s name.

This act of kindness will continue to be a great example to all.


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