Indiscriminate parking causing massive congestion in JB

Indiscriminate parking in Johor Bahru city has become a norm among the motorists in Johor Bahru.

The “ignorant” attitude of many motorists in the city parking their vehicles disorderly are making the streets narrower and causing frequent traffic congestion, said city councillor Neo Khai Beng.

The city don’t seems to have any law enforcement at all to discipline such inconsiderate motorists, lamented Neo.

“I have personally experienced getting caught in a traffic congestion caused by motorists parking their vehicles indiscriminately on the  road shoulder”, he said.

He urged the city council relevant departments to come out with more effective solutions and stronger enforcement measures in curbing such traffic offenders.

Even back lane parking is fast becoming a trend now and many of them are found to be habitual parking offenders who are not concerned with the numbers of parking summons issued to them, said city councillor Neo.

Komunitikini re-affirmed city councillor Neo’s statement after making a survey around the city.

In spite of the tow-away zone signage and double yellow lines clearly visible, cars are found parked on both sides of the 2-way street.

Some members of the public when interviewed by Komunitikini said that the reason for such indiscriminate parking phenomena  is because the motorists just park their vehicles for a short duration and this has been the accepted city parking norm.

City councillor Neo added that it’s not that the city area has insufficient parking space but motorists just refused to pay the parking fee while others preferred to park their vehicles in-front of their respective shops.

Meanwhile, Siti Natrah Raidani, 22, said that the lack of parking areas within the city and the high parking fee imposed are the main cause of such indiscriminate parking.




City council road side parking is levied at RM0.60 sen per hour whereas the private open area parking is RM1.60 an hour on the average.