Ex-students pay tribute to alma mater and teachers

High School Batu Pahat celebrated their 100th anniversary dinner on May 24, 2014 at the school compound.

There were a total of 115 tables bringing the total number of guests to about 1500 people including hostel students and prefectsas, as estimated by senior teacher Encik Shidan.

Several ex-students pay tribute to their alma mater and teacher. There were about 100 of the 1977/78 batch (Six formers) ex-students came in colorful wigs and sang the song ‘We are the World’ to the amazement of the crowd there. They invited 21 of their former teachers to this event bringing tears and joy to many present.

Ng Kok Hwa, 56, an engineer and ex-students exclaimed that HSBP (High School Batu Pahat) stands for “Highly Specialized Brilliant People”.

Another ex-student of HSBP, Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng was not able to attend this centennial but had earlier conveyed greetings.

Click here to watch the minister’s message to HSBP.


2014-05-24 16.08.34
The school motto, “Now or Never”.


2014-05-24 16.10.53
The elegant frontage of the school.


Before the arrival of guests.


The balloon arch greets the guests. (Photo courtesy of Ang Kim Heng).


Inside the main entrance of school. (Photo courtesy of Ang Kim Heng).


The guests aplenty including ex-students and teachers. (Photo courtesy of Ang Kim Heng).


The banner indicating the 100th Anniversary of High School Batu Pahat.


The ex-students (Upper Sixth Formers 1977 and 1978) singing “We are the World”. Photo by Ang Kim Heng.




The ex-teachers.




The Alma Mater of many great people.



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