Letter: People’s Green Coalition calls for LAMP project closure

The People’s Green Coalition was invited by the Ministry of International Trade and
Industry (MITI) to submit its views on the LAMP project to the IAEA Panel at 4.30pm
on the 31st May 2011.

The Coalition supports resolutely the demand of the people of Pahang and Malaysia to
stop LAMP from operating in Malaysia based on the following reasons:

1. The project will cause grave ecology disaster to the environment of Pahang and
the whole of Malaysia resulting in irreversible damage to the flora, fauna and
human settlements.

2. The toxic chemicals emitted during the manufacturing process and the radioactive
waste products will severely damage the health and well-being of the population
of Pahang and Malaysia.

3. A severely damage ecology will affect fishing, agricultural and animal husbandry
industries whose products will be contaminated and hence will be rejected by both
the local and international markets.

4. Once contaminated, the palm oil exports will not be accepted by the international
communities with the dire consequences of causing a possible collapse of the
palm oil industries in Malaysia resulting in irrevocable damage to the national

5. The property prices in and around Kuantan have already seen a sharp decline due
to the fear of chemical and radioactive contamination of the environment. The
tourism industries will similarly experience a decline as tourists avoid visiting a
contaminated environment.

6. The radioactive waste will last for an infinite period of time thus further
endangering the health and life of generations to come.

The risks to the community far outweigh the benefits which will largely be gained by
Lynas since it will enjoy a period of 12 years of tax exemption. The employment
opportunities purported is facile if the risks to the workers were taken into account.

Malaysia has endured a tragic experience when Mitsubishi Corporation established
the Asian Rare Earth Plant in Bukit Merah Perak about 30 years ago. It is an
undeniable fact that the people of Bukit Merah suffered grievous bodily harm till
today as Mitsubishi is still attempting to clean up the radioactive waste in the region.

The People’s Green Coalition resolutely rejects the LAMP project in Gebeng
Industrial Estate, Pahang.