Shahrizat: Wanita Umno wants to provide emergency aid

SEMPORNA – The Sayang Squad, established by Wanita Umno two years ago, is now in its second phase. The squad is now also set to focus on giving emergency aid to the people. Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said training would be given to movement members to enable them to participate in emergency aid mission should any disaster happen.

Since the squad was set up, the movement has been involved in various activities to help people, regardless of their race and belief, she told reporters after launching the “Jalinan Rakyat” carnival and the Semporna Wanita Umno Sayang Squad here on Friday.

On the e-Kasih programme, Shahrizat, who is Women, Family and CommunityDevelopment Minister, said the ministry had spent to RM104 mil to help the poor and the vulnerable in Sabah last year.

Earlier at the function, Shahrizat approved an allocation of RM52,000,comprising of RM10,000 for the Semporna Sayang Squad, RM10,000 to Mayang, RM5,000 to each of the three state constituencies in Semporna, RM5,000 to the Chinese community, RM5,000 to Semporna Wanita Umno, RM3,000 to the Village Development and Security Committee, RM2,000 to persons with disabilities and RM2,000 to the People’s Volunteer Corps.