Quality guaranteed: Indonesian maids to come with free replacement

You can also choose what colour you want / Image by Copta


The government plans to set a new rule for maid agencies to replace runaway Indonesian maids for free.

Deputy Human Resource Minister Maznah Mazlan said the rule was still being discussed with maid agencies pending the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia today, which would lift the ban on the “export” of maids from the Indonesian republic that has been in force since 2009.

Employers may also be allowed to retain foreign maids’ passports for security reasons based on mutual consent, she said.

The once a week off-day for Indonesian maids once the freeze is lifted is also dependent on the employer-maid agreement, she said, adding that she would also be travelling to Indonesia to visit several maid training centres for an update on their preparations prior to the maids’ arrival in Malaysia.

— Bernama