Dog tries to save child but is reported as mauling him to death

What are we to make of this? / Image by patita rds

Despite the poor reputation of the mainstream media, on-line and in-print, journalists continue to have a strong effect in shaping public opinion.

Negligent or misinformed reporting will create an unfair perception among the general public of social issues that touch on ethnic relations.

Take this report by Harian Metro’s Junaidi Ladjana that a boy was killed by his family dog.

Reading this article alone would create a sense of outrage in any reasonable person, and might stir unthinking public sentiment that encourages the authorities to go on a dog killing spree.

The use of photos of the dead child is also of poor judgment.

Here’s what didn’t happen: Dibaham anjing

Here’s what actually happen based on the autopsy report: Bukan kena baham anjing

Based on the autopsy report, the police believe the accused animal was in fact attempting to save the unfortunate child.

For those interested to help, please write to Junaidi Ladjana at [email protected] with a copy to Harian Metro’s chief news editor, Tuan Mohd Asri Tuan Hussein at: [email protected]

Please encourage responsible reporting by the Malaysian press.

Original source: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better