Local heritage or foreign heritage?

Once upon a time, Central Market, or known with its local title Pasar Seni (the Art Market) was largely recognized as a hub to sell and promote local Malaysian handicrafts and artworks.

But a glance at the current Central Market, which has been re-opened with much fanfare earlier this year, shows that the market still sells artworks and handicrafts- only that they are not so Malaysian anymore.

Citizen Journalist Saminathan Munisamy recently scoured around the new Central Market to gauge the type of products on offer.

But all he could witness was an array of Middle-Eastern products, especially those from Pakistan and Kashmir.

One particular shop was called Little Kashmir, and sells handicrafts from the North Indian state.

Even most, if not all of the businessmen at the current Central Market hail from overseas and Middle-Eastern countries, as opposed to locals selling their own handicrafts.