Wanita Umno ‘uncovered’ voters being transferred illegally

Wanita Umno has allegedly uncovered illegal voters transfer being carried out without the knowledge of voters in Melaka.

Its chief, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil claimed that the scam was happening mainly in parliamentary constituencies with a small number of Malay voters.

“I do not have to mention the names of the parliamentary constituencies involved. The matter was brought to my attention by Melaka Wanita Umno. It is also happening in other areas,” she told reporters after opening the Kota Melaka Wanita Umno division delegates meeting yesterday.

Shahrizat said she had instructed Wanita Umno divisions nationwide to investigate and identify the perpetrators and a report would be submitted to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

She said if the perpetrators had their ways, voters, who do not check the electoral roll of the constituency where they are registered would find their names missing on polling day.

“Instead, their names will appear in the electoral roll of another parliamentary constituency,” she added.

– Bernama