Disaster in the looms at Indahpura, Kulai

Since last January, the residents in Jalan Terati 36/8, Kulai have been living on their edges when major soil erosion damaged a great portions of the monsoon drain located adjacent to their houses.

The latest soil erosion incident happened just last week after heavy rain, where it washed away part of road which is a mere four metres away from the residential houses.

A concerned resident, Lim, 34, said the situation is extremely critical and he is very worried about the safety of his family members.

Adding that, he and his wife are out of the house working leaving his three children and an sick mother at home.

“Just a mere one hour of downpour has already caused the eroded site to worsen further and if no immediate action is taken by the relevant authority, I fear for the worst”, said a worried-looking Lim.

Elaborating further, he said, the residents here just could not park their vehicles at the roadside any longer as a major portion of the road has been washed away.

Relating an incident, he said, just two days ago, my neighbour parked his car in his house car porch and after the one hour heavy rain, he could not move his car out from the car porch as the part of road outside his house has been washed away.

The neighbour had to seek the assistance from the residents to move his car out from the car porch with much anxiety.

“If no immediate remedial action is taken by the relevant authority, it will put the residents life in grave danger”, Lim lamented.

“I am planning to shift my family to stay elsewhere safer temporary as I don’t know when the relevant authority will rectify the situation” he added.

He said, the residents here are all traumatised by the potentially real life-threatening situation.

“A similar incident happened several years and the residents here now are the relevant authority to take immediate action to rectify the problem with more effective and a permanent solution before a major disaster strike” Lim reiterated.