It’s about time we build a new Pan Borneo highway

The journey from Sabah to Sarawak by road, which starts from Sindumin-Merapok border to Limbang and twice crossing Brunei before arriving in Miri and proceeding to the rest of Sarawak, can be trouble some.

For Sindumin community or Merapok or those who is staying in Lawas do not have a problem crossing Sindumin Merapok border. The immigrations officers-in-charge would not have a problem identifying and one just have to be ready with their identity card.  Usually the officers don’t even bother to ask.

Crossing border between Limbang to Brunei and again at the other end from Limbang to Brunei can be time consuming, as you have to pass two Brunei immigration checkpoints.

There are occasions when the Brunei immigration officers will not be that friendly even though you are just passing by with to intention to stopover in Brunei.

Malaysian government couple years back said that they would construct a Sabah – Sarawak highway without passing Brunei. However, this will not be realized anytime soon with the current political trend in Sarawak.

Everything said and done, it’s really the time that we have Malaysia’s own road without crossing into another country.

At the same, every traveler questions the rationale behind using a ferry to cross the Puni River at Puni Temburung and equally it’s puzzling why Brunei too behaves the same way. Both countries will benefit largely with the much-needed crossing because the ferry can only take 10 vehicles at a time.

If you have no business to do in Brunei, there is no reason to endure this unnecessary journey crossing Brunei twice before heading towards your actual destination. After all there isn’t much to entice us to Brunei.