Thousands greet Ustaz Kazim Elias at Miri ceramah

Ustaz Kazim Elias at Miri 2

Popular TV personality Ustaz Kazim Elias was recently in Miri to conduct a public ‘ceramah’ at the At Taqwa mosque.

The ‘ceramah’ which is titled “Keluarga Bahagia Membawa Ke Syurga” attracted more than 5,000 people.

According to the popular preacher, harmony in the family, loving and taking care of each human being is a good practice to be followed.

Ustaz Kazim Elias at Miri 1

He also went on to give tip to the audience by saying that everyone must do good to everyone and it is highly encouraged for those who can afford to do some charity in form of donation and other means.

Kazim also touched on the importance of taking good care of oneself, as it is one of the requirement in the teaching of Islam.

He also cited an example using the number of Malaysians with diabetics with some of the youngest patient being four years old. Citing walking as an example as a good exercise which many Malaysian are not favoring this simple exercise and in Islam it is highly encouraged for improvement of oneself.

The Ceramah was also attended by YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Lai bin Bujang Ahli Parlimen Sibuti with the closing ceremony by Haji Ahmad Lai handing over a momento to Ustaz Kazim.