Retirees and housewives urged to join labour force



The government is encouraging more retirees and housewives to join the labour market as part time workers which can not only generate income for themselves but also help in reducing the unemployment rate in the country.

The Human Resource Deputy Minister, Maznah Mazlan said working part time will allow them to work according to their convenient time besides enjoying paid leaves and also topping up of their Employment Provident Fund (EPF) savings.

She said, retirees and housewives can work between two to three hours daily and get paid according to the agreed rate by their respective employers.

Part time work can be in the form of assembling of components and parts, wire strapping or harnessing work, producing handicrafts or even doing sewing works to fill up their free time, she added.

“To-date, there are one hundred and fifty companies offering various part time job opportunities in the country”,  said Maznah.

She added that currently there are  three hundred fifty-four thousand and seven hundred job seekers in the country.