Johor SME Corp: Don’t engage third party to apply SME loans

The director of Johor State SME Corp, Azrine Othman reminded the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) operator that SME Corp did not appoint any consultants or agents to obtain with financial assistance or organizing SME development programs.

Azrine said that the SME operator should not be gullible and pay fees to a third party during the 2011 SME loan clinic workshop, organized by South Johor SME Association and SME Corp at the Austin Height De Glover Club House, yesterday.

This special SME Loan Clinic workshop and seminar session was attended by more than 200 people, exceeding the target set by the organizer. The program mainly touched on type of loan available for SME, as well as providing business advisory and financial assistance to the Johor SME business owners.

Johor state International Trade & Industry, Energy, Water and Communication & Environment committee chairperson, Tan Kok Hong, were invited as the guest of honour to officiate the program.

Tan in his speech reminded the SME business owners to be prepared and improve themselves to meet the challenges posed by global competition.

Earlier, President of SME Association of South Johor, Teh Kee Sin thanked the participants who turned out in droves

He also highlighted to the workshop participants the importance of keeping good account records and documentation, as this will be crucial to the loan application assessment.

This event was sponsor by RHB Bank and Hap Seng Credit Berhad.

For those interest to know more about the SME Corp Financial Assistance, Entrepreneur Development Program and business advisory, please refer to the official website or call Info Line : 1-300-88180 to have the details on the government assistance for the SME  business operators.