Letter: Punish barbaric Batu Pahat dog catchers

By Shenaaz Khan, President of Malaysian Animal Welfare Society

Malaysian Animal Welfare Society is outraged and repulsed by another case of animal cruelty. A video widely shared on Facebook shows the Batu Pahat Municipal Council dog catchers mercilessly and relentlessly catching a dog.

The helpless animal can be heard screaming and yelping in excruciating pain. The tormentors are then seen roughly jabbing the dog with a presumed sedative. The barbaric actions of the council catchers is a crime and in clear violation of the Section 44 of the Animal Act 2006.

The continued barbarianism displayed by many councils is a blatant product of the governments’ inhumane and callous attitude toward animals. The Department of Veterinary Services seems more intent on protecting animal abusers than it does the animals it is tasked to protect. Countless cases of cruelty and abuse have gone unpunished, even in cases where compelling evidence had been presented.

Cruel council catchers have never been brought to book for their brutality against animals. Dr. Aziz Jamaludin, the Director General of the DVS, has been complicit to many of these abuses and has shown an absolute disregard for animal protection and animal welfare in this country.

Haji Sallehuddin Bin Haji Hassan, the Yang DiPertua of the Batu Pahat Council must be held responsible for the vicious actions of his staff. Immediate action must be taken against all parties involved. Animal abusers must be punished for their crimes of animal cruelty. We also urge the individual who recorded the video to please come forward and lodge a police report immediately.

We demand that the police and the Department of Veterinary Services use the full force of the law against this ruthless council.