Loitering students becoming a nuisance at Kulai hypermart

Pictures from wawaazaman.blogspot.com

The local community and shop owners in Taman Kulai Utama are voicing their concern about the large population of students hanging out in a neighbourhood hypermart here.

Students of various age groups start to converge in the shopping mall as early as 11am and many stayed on till late evening before dispersing.

A clothing shop sales assistant who wanted to be known as Susan said that most of these students seem to be playing truant.

Students start to trickle in the shopping mall at 11am and will peak when the morning session school is over, she said.

When they arrived, they will start changing their school attires with casual wears.

She added that some of the students were even smoking while in their school uniform.

The most outrageous thing some of these students did were when they start to pair off and head straight to the nearby toilet.

“I have even seen these paired students behaving intimately in the toilet without feeling guilt and shame”, said Susan.

The students are rowdy and making a nuisance of themselves here in the shopping mall, at times even get involved in fist fights.

Adding, she said, the shoppers are feeling very uncomfortable and sometimes the students crowd overwhelmed the shoppers.

“I did lodged several complaints to the school authority here but nothing has been done and the situation remains unabated” she said with dismay.