Pasir Gudang Municipal Council to launch “survey squad”

“Complaint First Action Now” that’s the chosen slogan for the Pasir Gudang Municipal Council ‘Survey Squad’ which is due to launch this coming September.

The main objectives of forming the survey squad is to carry out survey and identify the problems faced by the local community before the complaints reach the municipal council and this is part of upgrading its service to the people.

The survey squad will comprise of four officers whose job is to patrol, survey and monitor areas under the jurisdiction of the Pasir Gudang Municipal Council where road pot hole, damaged road, blocked drain and flood incidents will come under the watchful eyes of the survey squad.

The survey squad will report any problems spotted that require quick action to the relevant municipal council department and the squad will also carry out follow-up survey to the reported problem areas to ensure actions being taken.

The Pasir Gudang community can lodge complaint with the municipal council survey squad by calling 013 377 1710.