Wan Azizah: We did well in Sarawak

PKR is said to have performed rather well in the recently concluded 10th Sarawak state election, despite only winning 3 seats.

PKR president, Dr. Wan Azizah said this while speaking at a dinner function organized by the PKR Bakri branch yesterday.

According to Azizah, PKR received a very encouraging support from the voters in Sarawak considering the multitudes of obstacles that the party faced.

Touching on the recent sex video, since 1998 there seems to be an onslaught of accusations surfacing especially just before a general election.

Some of the cases are still being fought in court and now we are faced with another new accusation surfacing weeks before the Sarawak state election.

Wan Azizah said she did watch the controversial video and found not a single incriminating scene that can implicate  Anwar.

The physical build and the bulging stomach is not Anwar at all, she added.

Present at the dinner were the chairperson of Johor PKR, Chua Jui Meng, MP for Batu, Tian Chua, MP for Kapar, S. Manikasavagam, MP for Bakri, Er Teck Hwa, state assemblyman for Maharani, Mohamad Taslim, state assembleman for Sungai Abong, Dr. Sheik Ibrahim Md Salleh and state assemblyman for Bentayan, Gwee Tiang Hong.