An unusual kind of theft in Johor Jaya

Losing a car registration number plates is puzzling and at the same time causes the victim to worry.

This was expressed by Huan Wai Fong, 42, who found her Proton Waja car registration number plates missing after her day long work in her office in Taman Johor Jaya on April 10.

She said she parked her car bearing car registration number JGV 2859 in front of her office and was working all day long without realizing what has happened to her car.

She added that the whole incident was recorded by her office CCTV system which showed two men in a taxi parked beside her car and stole the front and rear registration number plates.

“I am puzzled with this rather unusual theft but at the same I am also concerned that the culprits will misuse it for criminal intent”, Huan commented.

She then lodged a report with the Taman Johor Jaya police station and urged the police to investigate the incident.