Pasir Puteh water disruption worsens

Frequent disruption of piped water supply in Pasir Puteh has raised the ire of the 11,500 residents against Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB).

Tengku Anis Hospital Visitors Board chairman Che Min Che Ahmad told
Bernama the hospital was having difficulty administrating treatment,
particularly at the maternity clinic and haemodialysis unit.
“If the water supply cannot be restored soon, it will pose a major problem
for patients with chronic ailments as the water supplied in tankers by AKSB is
not enough” Che Min said.
Chairman of the Welfare and Community Development Council (Mayang) for the
Pasir Puteh parliamentary constituency, Zawawi Othman, called for fast
restoration of the supply.
The water supply problem in Pasir Puteh began early this month. On April 7,
more than 200 people held a demonstration seeking an immediate resolution to the

AKSB restored supply two days after the demonstration. However, a bund of
the Rasau River channelling water to the treatment plant in Kampung Wakaf Bunut
broke, disrupting supply again.
Meanwhile, the AKSB office declined to comment on the matter today.

– Bernama