Baby mistaken as abandoned reunited with angry mother


Image by Tinneketin

A 23-day old infant was mistakenly thought to have been abandoned baby was finally reunited with the mother after more than an hour of suspense.

In the 12.30pm incident here yesterday, passers-by had found the crying baby alone on a sofa together with a carrying bag containing a feeding bottle, in a shop compound in JJ Square, Taman Johor Jaya.

Feng Ling Ly, 36, who works for a bus company, and several of her friends panicked when they found the baby alone on the sofa.

She then called and informed the state assemblyman for Johor Jaya, Tan Cher Puk, about their unusual discovery and Tan later went to investigate.

An hour later, a woman appeared, claiming to be the baby’s mother. “She started to create a scene by accusing me and my friends of trying to kidnap the baby,” Feng said.

While waiting for the police to arrive, the woman insisted that she needed to take her baby home immediately, to Masai.

Those who recognised the woman said that she is known to be fond of asking for handouts from member of the public.

At around 2pm, a team of four policemen arrived, headed by Chief Inspector Mohamaden Bujang who then brought the woman and the baby back to the police station for investigation and recorded her statement.

She left after her husband came forward to acknowledge them as his family.

Assemblyman Tan declined to comment on the incident except to say that case will be referred to the Johor Bahru Social Welfare Department.

Meanwhile, Seri Alam OCPD, Roslan Zainudin thanked the concern public for their prompt action in contacting the police.