14 Compete to be Enthroned as the Empress at Hanfu Pageant

Angeline Loo receives her prize as Empress of Yes I'm The Queen 2015 pageant. First runner-up Annie Chen (left) and 2nd runner-up Miko Chee
Part-time performer and emcee Angeline Loo, 24, (3rd from left) receives her prize as the Empress (Winner) of “Yes I’m The Queen” pageant 2015 from the Emperor played by veteran actor Desmond Tan. First runner-up was won by Annie Chen (left) while second runner-up was won by Miko Chee (right).

Fourteen finalists of the second season of “Yes, I’m The Queen” pageant 2015 competed in traditional Hanfu costumes on stage against the backdrop of a large LED screen which displayed imperial palace scenes and brought to life the great days of ancient Chinese dynasty. 24-year-old Angeline Loo from Kuala Lumpur was announced the winner and enthroned the Empress (Queen) of “Yes, I’m The Queen” pageant 2015. The part-time performer and emcee had also picked up the Best in Talent subsidiary title.

Angeline Loo is winner of Yes I'm The Queen 2015 pageant
Yes, I”m The Queen, says Angeline Loo after she was announced the pageant winner beating 13 other contestants.

Accountant Annie Chen, 33, from Taiping emerged victorious as the Imperial Noble Consort (first runner-up) while 21-year-old sales personnel Miko Chee from Klang was awarded the title of Noble Consort (second runner-up). There were also seven more subsidiary titles, including Best Ancient Beauty winner Yoyo Lee and Best Wisdom Beauty winner Lye Pui Yee.

Angeline Loo in Ancient imperial concubine hanfu outfit
Angeline Loo in an ancient imperial concubine hanfu outfit.

The contest judges included the emperor, empress dowager (played by veteran actress and writer Lissa Yu, the Lord (event consultant and Vern’s founder and chairman Ng Chuan Hoo), the princess (event planner June Chow and princess of commandery by socialite (Datin Tiara Reiss). The empress (champion) of last year’s “Yes, I’m The Queen” pageant Coleny Kok joined the panel of judges as special guest. The grand final was staged theatricality reminiscent of the scene at the Imperial Palace with Emperor and Empress Dowager, the Lord, princesses, palace eunuchs and imperial guards from the Chinese dynasty.

Yes I'm The Queen 2015 first runner-up Annie Chen
Yes I’m The Queen 2015 first runner-up Annie Chen, a 33 year-old accountant from Taiping.

The emcee Oscar Chow played the role of a palace eunuch who playfully called the emperor (played by veteran actor Desmond Tan) using his mobile phone and asked His Majesty to enter the hall. As the final arbiter of power, the emperor decreed the opening of the grand event. The contestants were required to wear the ancient Chinese Hanfu and judged not only on their appearance, skills and knowledge in costume design, make-up and hair-styling of the Chinese costume and culture but also on their ability to think and act quickly.

Yes I'm The Queen 2015 second runner-up Miko Chee
Yes I’m The Queen 2015 second runner-up Miko Chee, 21, is a sale personnel from Klang.

The contestants delivered their self-introduction in the form of wisdom quotes and advices. The show got excited during the talent session where a variety of skills were showcased, such as dancing, wushu routine and guzheng performance. During the “wittiness tablet” session, the contestants showed their best sides when their abilities to think and act quickly were tested to the limits in playful challenge of answering challenge questions, reciting difficult tongue twister and communicating with hand gestures all in comical ways which had the guests in stitches. Guest performers included singer Lin Kangyu who sang two songs, “I am Chinese” and “Descendants of the Dragon,” delivered with powerful vocals and an acrobatic troupe performance from Zhejiang province of China.

14 finalists parade in Chinese Hanfu costumes at the Yes, I'm The Queen 2015 pageant final
The 14 finalists parade in colourful Hanfu costumes at the Yes, I’m The Queen 2015 pageant grand final held at HGH Convention Centre, Sentul on 4 Dec 2015.

In the warm spirit of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, the “Yes, I’m The Queen” organiser iCreative Entertainment represented by its adviser Ng Chuan Hoo and VIP guest Ray Goh presented mock cheques to two charitable bodies which included Kim Loo Ting Old Folk Home, Setapak. The evening event ended elegantly with a final group photography of all the pageant winners and finalists, VIP guests, organiser, sponsors and partners.

Empress Dowager and the Emperor are among the contest judges
Empress Dowager played by veteran actress and writer Lissa Yu (left) and the Emperor played by veteran actor Desmond Tan (right) are among the contest judges.

The Hanfu is a pre-17th century traditional clothing of the Han ethnic people in China and generally consists of loose gowns, wide sleeves, and flat, open collars folded over to the right. The “Yes, I’m The Queen” pageant was organized by iCreative Entertainment with the objective to raise awareness about Chinese traditional Hanfu culture and promote their traditions.