Bogus tax consultants on the move

Taxpayers are advised not to fall prey to unlicensed tax agents who will provide their services during current tax return months to businesses at shopping centres.

image by Billy Alexander

Complaints have been received that these bogus agents charge exorbitant fees for their services.

Johor Inland Revenue Board(IRB), Assistant Director and Public Relations Officer Nor’azam Sulaiman said that these agents or consultants are not registered and therefore, are not licensed to offer tax-related services to tax-payers.

However it is very easy to detect these bogus agents as they only provide manual filing and not e-filing.

He added further that registered tax agents are issued with PIN numbers once they are approved by the Finance Ministry, which is renewable every 2 years.

Tax agents are also required to display the TAeF (Tax Agent e-Filing) authority form in their business premise and this form is issued under session 152 of the Income Tax Act 1967.

The public are advised to submit their income tax return forms early via e-filing. IRB counters are open on weekdays 8am-5pm.

Tax-payers must be responsible and disciplined in settling their taxes on time.