Exotic ‘street bars’ of Miri


If you ever come to Miri, a local attraction that you can’t afford to miss is their famous street bars.

The name ‘street bar’ may sound glitzy and trendy but it’s definitely not as what the name refers too. The Miri street bar, which is also fondly known as ‘Rumah Asap’ refers to the smoke which emanates from the grilling racks of the charcoal grill.

You can find these street bars in every nook and corner of Miri, where they serve the Mirians with the finely barbecued and grilled pork accompanied by ever flowing beers. The BBQ pork served here have distinct varieties of BBQ flavours that you can think of.

However, apart from the food, the street bars have become a sort of culture for Mirians, whereby it’s the best spot to unwind and catch up with friends after a long day at work.

The ‘street bar’ get together is a must for the villagers in Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman. While they unwind, the chat will range from family matter up to politics. At times the discussion turns into debate.

The street bar in Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman is located 14km from Miri city and opens it’s doors in the late evening until 11pm on weekdays and the business hours will be extended till morning on weekends.

“We are selling many brand of beers at RM2.50 per can, BBQ pork can be ordered at RM25.00 per kilo,” said David Ak Muan, 32 , the owner of the street bar.

There are about four thousand people residing in this village with ninety percent of them are Ibans and the remaining are mostly Malays.