Singapore: Only two terms for ministers

Singapore may limit the terms of its ministers to two to give opportunities to newcomers, a report here said.

Image by mjamesno

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong hinted that in time to come, cabinet ministers may not serve for more than two terms.

“That’s because the government may want to bring in new people, who would have to be given ministerial responsibilities,” Goh was reported as saying by Channel News Asia.

Goh was quoted to have made this point at a dialogue in the Ubi division of his Marine Parade constituency today.

A participant at the dialogue had asked about the rationale for retiring some MPs after two terms in parliament.

Goh explained that there was a need to create space in the cabinet for new people coming in.

He said: “So a time will come when ministers will not be serving more than two terms, generally speaking, on average, so that you can get new blood coming into cabinet.”

— Bernama