Johor Teochew community to celebrate “Yuan Tian Shang Di” festival

The Teochew community in Johor set to celebrate their cultural festival, which has been organized by the Johor Teochew Eight District Association starting April 2nd at Johor Ancient Temple, Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru.

The four days celebration, which will end on the April 5, is a ten year old festival to celebrate the birthday of the Yuan Tian Shang Di, the main deity of Johor Ancient Temple.

The Johor Ancient temple was built in 1870 and is located in Johor Bahru city centre.

This festival set to be a unique celebration with the representative from Teochew province of People’s Republic of China.

The representatives has brought along with them old Teochew traditions such as paper cutting, cooking, opera, storytelling and other teochew living art such as “Kungfu Tea” serving, wood crafting and lantern making.

The highlight of this years’ festival is the “Little Angel” Young Children Teochew Opera group, which has been sent by the Teochew province government in China.

Other events in this years’ festival are Teochew food tasting, photography exhibition, Johor Teochew karaoke competition and four nights of Teochew opera performance, which starts at 8pm.

This festival will take place in the compounds of Johor Bahru Ancient Chinese temple in Jalan Trus.

Those interested to find out more about the cultural festival, can go to Johor  Teochew Eight District Association’s website : or call the association at 07-222 8108.