Authorities battling with “Ah Longs” advertisement blitz

Some 500 Ah Long (illegal moneylender) advertisement banners and buntings were taken down here yesterday in a joint operations undertaken by the Kulaijaya district police and Kulai local council.

The Kulaijaya OCPD, Zulkefly Yahya said a total of thirty personnels divided into six teams were included in the 3 hours joint operations covering Kulai and Senai area, which started at 9am.

He said that such joint operations were undertaken before and will continue to do so from time to time.

Kulai district council legal officer, Zakaria Ahmad said that the objective of the joint initiative operations is to clean up the menace created by Ah Longs and to restore the pleasant view of the areas under the council’s administration.

He added that under the local council vandalism by-laws, offenders will be fined RM250 for sticking or putting up advertisement without the local council approval.

Zakaria admitted that it is a sticky nuisance as these illegal ah longs’ advertisements keep resurfacing even after we have taken them down.

He urged the public to co-operate with the local council in resolving this problematic menace together by helping the council to take the initiative to take down the illegal ah longs’ advertisements that surfaced in their residential neighbourhood.

He reiterated that the public and the local council can work together to effectively overcome this problematic menace created by irresponsible ah longs.