Trading made legal on Subang’s five-foot ways

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) has passed a new guideline to legalise the selling of goods on the five-foot way.

The guideline, which was passed at yesterday’s full-board meeting, was announced by the council’s acting president, Abdullah Marjunid.

The guideline stipulates that sundry, florist, aquarium, furniture, fabric, electrical and shoes shops are allowed to occupy a quarter, or at least two-feet of corridor space, to place their goods.

Merchants are required to apply a six-month permit from MPSJ, at RM100 per application.

Goods such as newspapers, magazines, bread trolleys, flowers, snack foods or others items related to such businesses are allowed to be placed at the corridor from 6pm to 12am.

The council’s licensing department director, Ismail Salim, cautions that in the new bylaws, business owners are still prohibited from using car park lots as their trading space.

When asked about 24-hour restaurants which use both the five-foot way and car park lots to place tables after midnight, Ismail said that the practice is illegal.

MPSJ currently imposes a monthly charge of RM30 on tables placed by restaurateurs on the five-foot way.

MPSJ councillor Pooi Weng Keong had asked restaurateurs to a dialogue last month, to address the problem of palm-greasing of MPSJ, who would otherwise compound them for placing tables illegally.

Komunitikini understands that MPSJ has adopted a preventive measure by regularly switching its enforcement officers to different areas to avoid them building ties with local merchants.