55,000 Fans Swarm PWTC For Comic Fiesta 2016

From left: Darth Vader, Rocketeer and Batman appear at Comic Fiesta 2016.

Over 55,000 anime, manga and cosplay fans from all over the country swarmed into halls 1 & 2 of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur during the 2-day (17 & 18 Dec) Comic Fiesta 2016 convention. Last year, Comic Fiesta attracted 45,000 visitors for over 2 days.

Now in its 15th year, the must-go event was a unique combination of excitement and entertainment for the anime, comics and games (ACG) scene in Malaysia.

“We are thrilled to see that the awareness of the ACG culture has grown tremendously in Malaysia and we hope to continue delivering a successful Comic Fiesta convention that will  always be for fans by fans,” said Lim Chin Hwa, the organising committee chairman of Comic Fiesta 2016.

The large crowd patronising the 400 artist booths and 50 different unique exhibitors at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Bands, singers and dancers showcasing their performances throughout the day.

Comic Fiesta 2016 event director Hew Shih Chien said, “We were very much inspired to create a unique ACG culture that blends in with our Malaysian culture and our love for Japanese pop culture as well. Through Comic Fiesta we hope to instill a culture where ACG can provide impact to our lives.”

Comic Fiesta is Malaysia’s largest and longest-running animation, comics and games (ACG) convention. It was founded in 2002 with the aim of bringing fans closer and celebrating the ACG culture together.

Among the attractions this year were the Creative Art Market with 400 artist booths selling their works, 50 different unique exhibitors, arcade competitions and night concert.

Guest line-up included a diverse group of artists, performers and cosplayers ranging from local performers such as 5 Minute Heroes and Ocean of Fire to international cosplayers Siutao, Miu, Onnies and Stayxxx, and popular illustrators Evacomics and Zeen.

Japanese indie pop band f’hana and Danny Choo, creator of the popular Culture Japan program also participated in the event.

Zarul Naim (left) cosplay as Sven with Rylai the Crystal Maiden from online game Dota 2

The halls were packed with lots of costumed characters posing for fans. Among them was computer and networking first-year student Zarul Naim, 18, of Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Shah Alam, who cosplayed Sven, the rogue knight from online video game DOTA 2.

“Lots of people love cosplay. I enjoyed being one of them for the fun and it was awesome,” said Zarul who made the costume everything by himself, including the props and equipment.

“I bought some ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foams to make the costume and took me a month and lot of work cutting into shape, glue the pieces together and paint them. It cost me RM250. I am really satisfied with the overall look of the costume and happy making something on my own,” said Zarul who started cosplaying three years ago.

Ayyoob Afrashim from Maldives cosplays as Aooni no Isazoku (blue demon pirate).

For 17 year old Ayyoob Afrashim from Maldives, this was his second attendance at Comic Fiesta. Last year at Comic Fiesta was the first time. The A-Level student at International Modern Arabic School (IMAS) in Putrajaya cosplayed a self-created fictional character which he named “Aooni no Kaizoku” or the Blue Demon Pirate.

“I wanted to challenge myself creating a cosplay of my own character instead of cosplaying someone else’s character. I crafted this costume and took me three days and RM200 worth of materials and props to make the outfits.

Yang Qiao Shuang cosplays as Mikasa Ackermann from anime and manga series Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan).

Another cosplayer Yang Qiao Shuang, 23, a second year psychology student at International Medical University participated as Mikasa Ackerman from anime and manga series Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan).

“Mikasa is independent and strong, and she is passionate in all the things she does. I want to be just like her and have this really good feeling here,” she said.

Japanese pop bands and performances thrill the crowd.


Cartoonist Zint (left) signing autograph for fans at the Gempak Starz booth.


Comic Fiesta fans enjoy the event to its fullest.


Danny Choo presents the latest from Culture Japan for all Mirai fans at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Jimmy Choo made appearance at son Danny Choo’s Culture Japan booth at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Zen (left) from video game Mystic Messenger offers free hugs to visitors at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Amazing spidermen on the loose at Comic Fiesta 2016.


A team cosplaying My Hero Academia, a Japanese superhero manga series at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Naruto (left) in a showdown with Obito (right) at Comic Fiesta 2016.


The Mercenary from vide game Dark Souls 3.


Red-clad, secret agent Ana Wong from video game Resident Evil series.


A group of girls cosplaying as high school girls from anime series Love Live! at Comic Fiesta 2016.


A masked vigilante known as Soldier 76 from shooter video game Overwatch.


A reenacter portraying a WW2 Army of Japan at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Buggy, the red nose loving pirate treasure from manga series One Piece at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Ten year-old Ice Wong cosplaying as Lara Croft from action-adventure video game series Tomb Raider.


The much loved and iconic Pikachu gets to meet the fans at Comic Fiesta 2016.


Cosplaying Hanzo from video game Overwatch.


The monster Koro-sensei of the Japanese comic science fiction manga series Assassination Classroom.


Ultraman Taro at Comic Fiesta 2016.


The extraterrestrial species from Predator, a 1987 American science fiction action horror film.


Reaper from video game Overwatch taking aim at his victim.


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