PTA chairperson verbally abused and assaulted


A joyous ground breaking ceremony for Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Ladang Rini turned sour when an uninvited male guest approached the school’s parent teacher association chairperson and slap him on the face.

The PTA chairperson, A. Sandara Segeran, 44, a lawyer by profession was verbally abused and slapped by a man infront of about 60 invited guests.

He suspected that the incident happened because of some dissatisfaction within the school PTA.

It was said that the aggressor is related to one of the school PTA committee member.

Sandara denied knowing the man who assaulted him and confirmed that this is the second incident that he has been verbally abused and assaulted in another separate function.

He however admitted that he did tick off a member of the committee for using the school for personal gain.

In the previous incident that happened in March 5, the school was launching a motivation programme, an unidentied man went and verbally abused him but he did not take the matter seriously.

He said he didn’t expect such incident would recurs and on the advice of some of his friends, he decided to lodge a police report on the two incidents and will bring the two men to court after the police has completed its investigation.

“I need to take legal action so as to prevent such incidences from recurring and if anyone wanted the school PTA chairmanship position, they can always contest in the next general meeting which is not too far away” ,he added.

Sandara was relating the incident to Komunitikini after lodging a police report at the Nusajaya district police station accompanied by nine other school PTA committee members.

Meanwhile, the OCPD of Nusajaya district police station, Abdil Aziz Ahmad confirmed receiving the report and said that the police is now investigating the case.