Sunway CIMB manager coy about transaction security

The Bandar Sunway CIMB bank branch manager today was coy in regards to two ATM cardholders of the branch whose savings had been illegally debited to a third party every time they performed withdrawals from their accounts.

The manager, who only identified herself as Irene, said she would not know whether it is risky to withdraw money from her branch.

Today, a businesswoman named Jenny and Selangor MCA public complaint bureau Theng Book both disclosed that they lost RM100,000 and RM50,000 respectively in an account registered at the Bandar Sunway branch due to duplicate transactions into an anonymous account.

Irene asked the victims to first fill up a form with detailed information regarding the problem.

“We are awaiting for (Jenny) to fill the form so that we can embark on investigations,” she said, adding that the information will then be given to the CIMB Bank headquarters.

She refused to confirm to the notion that Jenny’s money would have been illegally withdrawn or transferred to a third party, suggesting instead that it might have been the act of a relative.

“Only the card holder will know the login passwords, maybe their relative were the ones who took out the money,” she said.

Asked if the crime was committed by the bank’s staffs, Irene again did not provide an answer, simply saying that she ‘does not know’.

She also urged the victim to liaise with her directly and lodge a police report.