Four-year-old falls while climbing stairs

A four years old boy slipped and fell from a four-storey walk-up flat in Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang.

The victim, Syed Muhammad Haziq Syed Idros accidentally fell from the fourh floor of the walk-up flat because the staircase railing which suppose to prevent people from falling was damaged.

The victim’s mother Mardiah Mohd Nor, 34 said that Haziq kept complaining of feeling dizzy after the fall but two hours later, he started vomiting and I immediately rushed him to the neighbourhood clinic.

Upon examining Haziq, the attending doctor said he did not suffer any injury.

Over the week, Haziq has been complaining that he is always feeling dizzy and his head still hurts and each time when I tried to comb his hair he starts crying, said Mardiah.

Then she decided to have her son’s hair shaved and she was shocked to see part of her son’s head swollen to the size of a palm. That’s when, she immediately took her son to the Sultan Ismail Hospital where he was retained overnight for observation.

The following day, her son was transferred to the Sultanah Aminah General Hospital and was warded for 3 days.
Mardiah said she felt relieved when the attending doctor told her that the blood clot in her son’s head had eased and Haziq condition is improving.

As advised by the doctor, Haziq cannot afford sustain another knock on his head during the entire recuperating period and I am now maintaining a close supervision on Haziq at home.

Mardiah said she felt very upset with the neighbourhood clinic doctor for not diagnosing her son’s condition thoroughly which could have endangered her son’s life.

She added further by asking the relevant authority to immediately repair the damaged staircase railing to prevent similar mishap from recurring.